Gallery Two: Ezumezu Igbere The Legacey
Communication by mpuaka beside ekwe and Ikoro is an old communication system before the advent of phones and ipod communicates signals of things to come. Jubilee photo is a pride of Igbere photography residing in Aba, now see the Ezumezu Legacey unfold as Igbere welcomes eminent visitors including former Presidents and Vice presidents of Nigeria along with Governors and other eminent sons and daughters of Igbere, more blessing for People like Governor Orji Uzor Kalu View this page with the Paypal shopping cart.

Image 2-1
Communication by mpuaka

Image 2-2
Jubilee Photographer

Image 2-3
Kings of Igbere pray

Image 2-4
Former Vice President of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ekwueme honored with Chieftancy tittle at Ezumezu 2005

Image 2-5
Igbere honored 12 illustrous sons with Chieftancy tittles at Ezumezu 2005

Image 2-6
Table of the Ezumezu Organizing Commmitte 2005

Image 2-7
The Youngest Age Grade march past at Ezumezu 05 induction

Image 2-8
Igbere Council of Kings welcome visitors at Ezumezu grounds '05

Image 2-9
The Oldest Age Grade ready for retirement ceremony "Igboto nma" at Ezumezu 2005

Image 2-10
the stand Oldest Age Grade retiring in '05

Image 2-11
Umunnabuike Ebiri Age Grade, established in 1971

Image 2-12
Govenor Kalu pose at Ezumezu with the august visitors: President Babangida, Buhari, General Ojukwu and Gov Ngige at Ezumezu '05

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